Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to increase you income??

Anybody?? have any idea for me???
im stuck~ uhuu..

Actually, i've got so many thing to do ,but, my mind always said "BUT".. erk~

be positive la girl~.. u can do it..

Then, i hv been thinking to list out , what the thing should be do's & don'ts
here it is:
1) reduce your monthly spending
2) Go on diet ( it make u consume less food plus less money used; seriously it works) =D
3) Sacrifice your free time with extra work @ part time that will give u money .
4) Reduce your leisure time ( esp; karaoke, cinema time, shopping n etc)
5) Focus on your study; ( then u will spending your money more on your books, paperwork n etc)
6) dont hang out too much!
7) Follow all the list above; insyAllah, you will get yourself with extra money every month without you realize it~

GOOD LUCK to myself & You..=)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lip Ice TeaParty With Lisa Surihani

Hye all!!
macam da basi je kan post ni, tapi saya nak post jugak, cause i tot it is sumthing nice to share with..=D....

The story was begin after my "Stalker Friend" ( the name Lisa called her) invited me to the party after she been choosen as 25 lucky girls which been selected from the pictures and videos they sent to LipIce Tea Partu FB.. I x pernah tau pon about that contest, kalo tao awal2 i pon jadi salah sorang yg yg hanta gamba n video "berangan" dengan LipIce. hee

Yang best nye sbb dapat makan ( look at the pictures below; )

~ 1st dishes was a pinky+Sweety+lovely cupcake~

~Next dishes~ ( nmpk kan pinggan orang depan saya x abes makan pon cupcake, siap ada xtra lagi dia bg)

~ and this is my empty plate but im full.. ~ heee

Oppss lupa nak bgtau tempat kat mane kan seronok sangat share pictures dulu.. btw, the tea party was held at "BIJOU RESTAURANT & CAFE" @ Mount Kiara.. memang class sangat tempat dia. cause tgk la address tu kan.. hehe..might be this is my first and last time going to this kind of restaurant..=) Really thanks to my Stalker friend, x sia2 dia jadi peminat setia and be a stalker of Lisa Surihani,sebab saya menumpang rezeki dia.. =)

Next is the other pictures of Lisa Surihani ( she's really sweet+outspoken+kindhearted ) and she make me realize that, it is not easy to be an artist.. means a good one la kan.. hehe

~baru nak start~

~time beramah mesra dgn kami~

~ a special Flower with Wishes Bouquet from us~
~ "the stalker" +lisa " Me~

~ And last session~ =)

That's all... opss again i forgot to tell that the party was organize by Mentholatum Malaysia .. Thanks because i got the best Goodies Beg ever ..for that moment la kan.. heee
See :

Banyak kan?? hehe Jangan jeles.. but i akan sedekahkan mereka ni semua pada my siblings n fwenss.=)insyAllah..